Do It Yourself Lawn Treatment

We all have dreams of a healthy, green, and fascinating-looking lawn. Nothing can be more mind relaxing than a lush, beautiful and vibrant lawn when you are leaving your home for errands or coming home from a hard day of work. But you can’t realize this dream of great looking lawn without investing your time and effort in it.

Despite of proper watering, mowing, and making a lot of sun available to your lawn even a great-looking lawn is not guaranteed because there are lot of things nature do against it such as disease, weeds growth and fungi etc. that have the potential of making your lawn unappealing and can waste all your hard work.

When natural bad things such as pests and wees attack on your lawn then you have two choices either hire a professional lawn care provider or opt for DIY (do it yourself).

You can save substantial amount of money by eliminating pesky weeds & lawn invasions with DIY (do-it-yourself) methods. If you choose quality lawn care products you can easily eliminate these unwanted things from your lawn.

Do It Yourself Lawn Treatment With Confidence!

It is not difficult to have a healthy and weed free lawn without hiring professional lawn care provider.  With help of following 4 steps process you can easily give your lawn a dreamed look.

  • Problem Identification Process Phase: identification of invasive species on your lawn is the first step to eliminate the invasive problem. If you know the exact cause of your lawn problem such as the pest or weeds type then it will make the elimination process of them very easy by choosing the right product.
  • Inspection Phase: after identification of the weed or pest types then next step is careful inspection of your lawn to determine which area of your lawn is most affected by this problem and reason why it is?
  • Control Phase: in this stage you go for most suitable product for eliminating the weeds or pests.
  • Prevention Phase: after eliminating weeds or pests from your yard it is also important to take some preventive measures for making your lawn safe in future. You can make your lawn safe with help of some quality fertilizers, pre-emergent herbicides and other useful products. If you follow regular maintenance practices you can make your lawn safe from pests and weeds and substantially reducing the risks of these bad things to attack your yard and destroy its beauty.

Your Lawn Type and Maintenance Plan

Your lawn care and maintenance plan is deeply influenced by the geographical location of it. So the maintenance and care schedule may vary according to your location. In some region the summer is quite long when compared to winter weather so the lawn care maintenance plan should take into account these things.

In this guide we divided this care and maintenance schedules into two types according to your lawn geographical location;

  1. Warm season grasses
  2. Cool season grasses

Warm season grasses

Warm season grasses flourish well under warmer and humid conditions when compared to cool season grasses. These grasses types do better in those areas where the temperature can be in range of 85 to 90 F° in growing season.

The warm season grasses do better in following States of USA;

  • South Carolina
  • Georgia
  • Alabama
  • Mississippi
  • Louisiana
  • Florida
  • California
  • Arizona
  • New Mexico
  • Texas
  • Arkansas

Following are the most common species of warm season grasses;

  • Bahia
  • Bermuda
  • Blend
  • Buffalo
  • Carpet
  • Centipede
  • Augustine
  • Zoysia

Cool Season Grasses

If you are living in Northern part of USA then cool season grasses are best for your lawn. The cool season grasses do better in parts of the country where the temperature stays in range of 65 to 75 F° in growing season of the grass.

Following US States are known for cool season;

  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Idaho
  • Iowa
  • Massachusetts
  • Maryland
  • Maine
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Montana
  • Nebraska
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • North Dakota
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • South Dakota
  • Utah
  • Vermont
  • Washington
  • Wisconsin
  • Wyoming

Common cool season grasses species include;

  • Kentucky Bluegrass
  • Annual Ryegrass
  • Perennial Ryegrass
  • Fine Fescue
  • Tall Fescue
  • Creeping Bentgrass

Transition Lawn

If your lawn geographical location is not as hot as the southern states of USA or not as cool as the Northern then it means your lawn is located in transition zone. The transition zone lawn owners seed their lawns with both warm season and cool season grasses species. So the lawn owners of transition zone should follow the guides line related to warm and cool season grass types.

Following US States are placed in transition zone;

  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Missouri
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • Tennessee
  • Virginia
  • West Virginia
  • Parts of Georgia
  • Oklahoma
  • Parts of Texas
  • Parts of Arizona
  • Parts of New Mexico
  • Parts of Nevada
  • And parts of California

Lawn Maintenance Schedule

For keeping your lawn green and healthy you need to follow a schedule specific for your yard according to its weather zone. In following paragraphs we will explore what tasks you need to perform in what part of the year according to your lawn geographical location.

Warm Season Grasses Lawn Care Schedule

Pre-Emergents (Feb-May, Aug-Nov)

Winter: Feb to March

Spring: April to May

Summer: Aug to September

Fall: October to November

—- ———

Post- Emergents ( Apr-Sep):

Spring: Apr to June

Summer: July to Aug

——— —–

Fertilization (Mar to Nov)

Winter: March

Spring: Apr to June

Summer: July to Sep

Fall: Oct to Nov

— ————-

Mowing (Mar to Nov)

Winter: March

Spring: Apr to June

Summer: July to Aug

Fall: Oct to Nov

——– ——-

Watering (Mar to Oct)

Winter: March

Spring: Apr to June

Summer: July to Sep

Fall: October

Aeration (June to Aug)

Spring: June

Summer: July to August

—– ———-

Dethatching (Mar to May)

Winter: March

Spring: Apr to May

Cool Season Grasses Lawn Care Schedule

Pre-Emergents (Feb-May, Aug-Nov)

Winter: March

Spring: Apr to May

Summer: Aug to Sep

Fall: Oct to Nov

— ——————-

Post-Emergents (Apr- Sep)

Spring: May to June

Summer: July to September

Fall: Oct

—– ———–

Fertilization (March to Nov)

Winter: March

Spring: Apr to June

Summer: July to Sep

Fall: Oct to Nov

—— —————-

Mowing (March to Nov)

Winter: March

Spring: Apr to June

Summer: July to September

Fall: October to Nov


Watering (March to October)

Winter: March

Spring: Apr to June

Summer: July to September

Fall: October

— ——–

Aeration (June to Aug)

Spring: June

Summer: July to Aug

—- ————–

Dethatching (Mar to May)

Winter: March

Spring: Apr to May

DIY Preparation in Early Spring

It is important to take necessary steps to make yourself prepare for lawn growing and mowing coming season. The frosty winter weather will soon end and very soon you will get green lawn on arrival of spring. The following preparation steps will make your job extremely easy in lawn growing season.

  • Make sure your lawn mower is fit for mowing. Sharpen your lawnmower’s blades so it will mow and trim the blades of grass and will not tear them. Torn and badly mowed grasses open the doors for attack of different types of lawn related diseases.
  • Clean your lawn of twigs, leaves because a thick layer of wet leaves can suffocate your lawn grass so remove them immediately so that your lawn get fresh air, sunlight and proper nutrition.

DIY Spring Lawn Care and Maintenance

Apply Fertilizer

Spring is the time when your lawn demands for more nutrients because it has just wakeup from the winter long sleep, feels hungry and wants some urgent nutrients. So you need to satisfy your lawn hunger with a quality fertilizer best for your lawn grass specie. Experts recommend at least twice application of fertilizer in spring time.

It is extremely important to choose a right fertilizer, go for right application so to avoid under or over-fertilization.

Over-fertilization can burn your lawn or can lead to have patches of long grass, gives your lawn an uneven look. On other hand under fertilization can lead to less green lawn and also makes the environment more favorable for different types of diseases to attack your lawn.

If you don’t know the nature of soil for choosing the right fertilizer type then you need to test your lawn soil. When you know the pH of your lawn soil then you can easily identify what nutrients are best for it.

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 Mow Your Grass

Spring is also the time to mow your lawn. But during this period of year you need to make sure to cut at height that is best for your lawn health. Experts recommend mowing at high during this period if there is no disease or weeds problem.

The benefits of mowing your lawn high include; thicker grass blades growth, deep roots system development and making the grass vigorous to crowd out the weeds. Mowing your lawn too short can lead to development of different types of lawn diseases.

The mowing schedule is also affected by other things such as fertilization application rate, insecticides, and pesticides. You need to tailor your mowing habits and schedule what is mentioned on the label of products about mowing timing and frequency.

During spring season you need to mow your lawn once per week because this is the peak time of your lawn grass growth.


Soil types such as silt and clay as well as heavy traffic lawn turf soil become compacted. Compacted soil is one of the bad things can lead to different types of issues for your lawn. Compacted soil creates an obstacle between grass roots and important things such as fertilizer, oxygen and water. If your lawn grasses don’t have proper access to these things it wouldn’t flourish and survive.

Aeration is the best practice for eliminating this compacted soil issue. You can use an aeration machine in spring as well as summer time for breaking this barrier and make available the supply of water, fertilizer and oxygen to grass roots.

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Application of Pre-Emergent Herbicides

It is also the best time for application of different types of pre-emergents. Pre-emergent herbicides are the easiest way to prevent emergence of crabgrass and other types of weeds in your lawn. These herbicides are best for killing the weeds before their sprouting out from the soil.

Pre-emergent is only effective when it is used on proper timing. If you use it when the weeds have already grown then the pre-emergent will be not effective for eliminating them.

The best time for application of a pre-emergent herbicide is when the soil temperature is over 55 F°. In market you will find different types of quality pre-emergents but make sure to choose one that is made for a specific type of weeds you want to eliminate.

Summer DIY Lawn Care And Maintenance

Application of Post-Emergent Herbicides for Elimination of Weeds

Summer is the best time for killing of any weeds which have already emerged. It is best to cut them early in the bud before they become mature because killing of matured weeds is tougher.

Application of Pesticides for Elimination of Pests

Warmer weather is the welcoming time for arrival of different types of insects that can damage your lawn badly. There are different species of insects but some of them have the ability to harm it more such as grub worms; the larva phase of different types of beetles. These grub worms find shelter under the soil and feed on the tender roots of your turf. Ants also cause damage to lawn. For protecting your lawn of these pests, use quality pesticides.

Regular Mowing and Watering in Summer

For keeping your lawn healthy, thicker and green regular watering and mowing is needed! During this period of time mowing high is recommended. Set your mower blade height at 3 inches with routine of once a week. This regularly high mowing encourages development of long, deeper and healthy roots system.

Watering frequency depends on the on how hot the weather is. The standard you should follow is at least on inch deep watering per week. This one inch water is needed for your lawn either from rainfall or through irrigation. The best time for irrigation is between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m. because there is less water wastage in this time as there is low loss of water due to evaporation plus less water loss due to low wind.


Fall and summer are considered are the best timing for fertilization but your lawn also finds application of it extremely useful in summer time. Your lawn needs nourishment for fighting against heat. Both cool season grasses species and warm season grasses types find fertilization useful in summer period.

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Fall DIY Lawn Care and Maintenance

Reseed Your Lawn

Your lawn becomes thin due to hot weather especially around August. So it is the best practice to reseed your lawn at the end of the summer season. Overseeding and reseeding your lawn at end of summer can give your lawn an extra life for fall season.

Leaf Cleanup

Because of the fall in temperature leaves start to fall. It is best for the health of your lawn to rack up and remove all the fallen leaves and debris from the surface of your turf. You can also deal with fallen leaves in another way by mulching them and then spread it on your lawn. Your grass will not find it hard to deal the mulched leaves and will decompose it in quick span of time.

Fall and Fertilization

Fertilization in fall season is especially important for cool season grass species and also for northern parts of USA when the winter season is very cold. Fertilization in this part of year is beneficial because your lawn turf receives some extra nutrients which they will store up before becoming dormant in winter season.

Mowing In Fall

There is no need for tall mowing in this period of year because it is useless to mow a lawn when they will soon be going dormant.

Application of Pre-Emergent and Post-Emergent 

It is best practice to take care of any weed issue that is present at moment or will damage your lawn in spring. With application of post-emergent in the fall to your lawn, you substantially reducing the chances of any surprise weeds emerging at time when the things start to grow again. By eliminating the current weeds you are protecting the nutrients for your lawn turf and plants.

Winter Lawn Care and Maintenance

In this season your lawn becomes dormant so there is very little to do, you have more to plan and prepare. It is not easy to predict what weeds will come and similarly what disease and fungus will affect your lawn when winter leaves but one thing is conformed that is you should be ready to tackle any problem when the spring arrives.

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