Thick and healthy looking lawn also depends on proper mowing besides proper and on time watering, nutrients supply, soil quality etc. There are different grass types such as Bermuda, St. Augustine, Fine Fescue, Tall Fescue, Zoysia … Zoysia grass is quite popular in the southern United States and famous for its resilient nature. Its tough nature makes the life of the lawn owner easy but as far as mowing is concerned it is very hard to deal with it. Should the Zoysia lawn owner use reel or rotary mower for this grass type? Lawn mowing involves too many things; it is half art and half a science. The art part is concerned with you and science part is explored in this best reel mower for zoysia grass.

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Best Reel Mower For Zoysia Grass

How to Maintain and Mow Zoysia Lawn

For keeping the zoysia lawn thicker and healthier you have to supply it with one inch of water per week. It also needs proper and regular mowing. When the grass reaches up-to three inches in height then it is the time to mow it. The grass should be trimmed to 1 to 2 inches. For best, healthier and thicker look keep the grass longer in the fall and shorter in the spring season. It is best to practice the regular mowing. And avoid postponing the mowing process.

If you follow the regular lawn mowing schedule you can toss the clippings back onto the yard without any problem serving as natural nitrogen compost.

Avoid mowing the wet grass because the damp thatch provides a nursery for fungus and different types of diseases that cause the brown spots.

Keeping Zoysia Grass Greener


  • One inch per week
  • 1 to 2 times per week
  • For best results use sprinkles
  • Water timing: from 4 a.m. to 8 a.m.
  • Fertilize only with an irrigation plan

Mowing and Maintenance

  • Weekly
  • 3-inch deck or greater
  • Aerate
  • Replicate nature
  • Check for insects
  • Use sharpened blades

What’s the Best Mower For Zoysia Reel or Rotary Mower?

Rotary lawn mowers come with 2 or 4 cycle gasoline engines. Rotary lawn mowers are equipped with helicopter like blades. These helicopter like blades cut off the top of the grass.

On other hand reel mowers are equipped with blades that work like a pair of scissors. These manual mowers when are pushed, cut the leaf of the grass and provides a clean cut.

For Zoysia grass you can use either type of lawn mowing machine but reel lawn mowers are the best and highly recommended! The main reason in support of using reel lawn mower for this grass type is its ability to provide clean cuts. It avoids tearing and damaging of grass because of its clean scissor like cuts. Damaged and torn cut provides space for breeding of different types of diseases that can turn your Zoysia grass yellow or brown.

Zoysia grass exhibits an awesome green carpet like look if properly mowed with sharp reel blade. Furthermore reel mowers are best for preventing scalping and clips clumping.

Pros of Reel Lawn Mowers

  • Inexpensive when compared to gas or electric rotary mowers; price of reel mowers vary depends on brands and features
  • Clean mowing; no grass damage so there is less chances of diseases attacks
  • Simple design and easy to maintain
  • Environment friendly; no fumes, no toxic emissions and less noisy

Cons of Reel Lawn Mowers

  • Small cutting deck takes more passes and time to mow an entire yard
  • Poor performer when it comes with deal with thick grass, clogging
  • Reel mower even can’t cut a small twig, so it is important to clean the area before starting the mowing process

Features to Consider When Buying a Reel Mower

Modern reel lawn mowers come with lot of life easing features eliminating most of the associated problems the owners of this mower type experienced in past. In today reel mowers you will find working features such as; sealed bearings, ergonomic handles, advanced wheel assemblies and steel blades come with nonstick coating highly rust resistant. The following features needs special consideration when you are going to buy a reel mower;

Blade Cutting Height

Low priced reel mowers come with preset cutting height. This preset cutting height lies in range of 1-1/2 to 2 inches. While the expensive models offer adjustable cutting height adjustment in range of one half to four inches. So before investing your hard earned money it is important to consider the type of grass in your lawn and best cutting height for that grass variety. For example if your lawn has tall type of grass then the best reel mower for this job will be the one coming with cutting height in range of 3 to 4 inches.

Cutting Deck Size

The normal cutting deck size for reel mowers is in range of 15-inches to 20-inches. The wider cutting path reduces the number of passes but it also makes the maneuvering lot difficult. So it is important to consider your pushing power when deciding on mower’s cutting deck size.

Number of Blades in Your Reel Mower

In market you will find reel mowers with 4 to 7 blades. The more blades your machine has it will provide a cleaner mowing. But the drawback of the more blades is that it will require more push power.

Best Reel Lawn Mowers For Zoysia Grass

Following are our best two reel mower picks for Zoysia grass.

1- Fiskars 362050-1001 Reel Mower, StaySharp Max -18 Inch

Fiskars 362050-1001 Reel Mower, StaySharp Max -18 Inch
Fiskars 362050-1001 Reel Mower, StaySharp Max -18 Inch Reviews

This reel mower is the ideal machine for Zoysia grass. It provides its users hassle free clean and damage free grass cutting without bothering things associated with electric, gas, or oil based lawn mowers such as charging, oil, gasoline, battery charging, electric cord stumbling and more. You will get a clean mowing without releasing any toxic substances in environment.

Its sharp cutting blades are capable of cutting all types of grass and weeds and even small twigs. Its robust blade system made of hard steel stay sharp and highly rust resistant.

As all the Zoysia grass lawn owners are aware that this is one of the toughest grasses. So for its mowing the lawn owner needs a machine that is equipped with very sharp blading system. Blunt blades will tear the grass instead of mowing that causes substantial damage to grass, leading different types of grass diseases. This is the reason this Fiskar StaySharp Plus Reel Mower is equipped with stay sharp blade system.

Key Features of Fiskars 362050-1001 Reel Mower, StaySharp Max -18 Inch

  • Cutting Deck: 17 Inches
  • Cuts all grass types, a best machine for all grass types, even toughest southern varieties such as Zoysia, St. Augustine, Bahia and Bermuda.
  • Staysharp plus reel mower 40-percent easier to push than other reel mowers
  • InertiaDrive: offers 75% more power when compared to standard reel mowers, an innovative design supports mower for easy dealing with thicker grasses, blast through twigs, weeds and tough spots that would jam other reel mowers.
  • Exclusive StaySharp Cutting System uses precision-ground, hardened steel blades to cut grass without touching, greatly reducing friction and blade wear for long-lasting performance without costly annual blade sharpening
  • Cutting Height: it offers cutting height adjustment in range 1 to 4-inches
  • Better Edging: Inset wheels and blades of this reel lawnmower extend across the full width of the mower Support you to fully control the mowing process so there is no chance of missed strips and tricky edges next to fences, sidewalks and foundations.
  • Product weight: 51.7 pounds
  • Product measurement: 24 length x 23.5 width x 14.2 height inches
  • Backed by three years limited warranty

2- Great States 415-16 Lawn Mower, 16-Inch, 5-Blade Silver

Great States 415-16 Lawn Mower, 16-Inch, 5-Blade Silver
Great States 415-16 Lawn Mower, 16-Inch, 5-Blade Silver Reviews

If you are on tight budget, can’t affordable the above-mentioned Fiskars 362050-1001 Reel Mower, StaySharp Max -18 Inch then Great States 415-16 Lawn Mower is the best option to consider. This reel lawn mower comes with all those features found in a high end lawnmower while at time of writing this review it was offered with price below 100 bucks. The lawn mower is very famous among the yard owner, more than 1700 verified customers’ reviews on just one online store. The current users are highly satisfied with its performance and recommend it to all those folks who are not pleased with performance of rotary lawnmowers because of their grass tearing instead of mowing opening the doors for disease and insect attacks. Let’ view some of the striking features of this low price and rleiable Great States lawn mower.

Ample Size Cutting Deck With Flexible Cutting Height Adjustments

This Great States Reel Lawn Mower is equipped with 16-inch cutting path offers height adjustment in range of in range of 1-2-inch to 2-1/2-inch so you can easily customize the mowing process according to your overall lawn mowing planning.

Better Cut, Thicker and Healthy Lawn

As already mentioned clean and tearing free mowing is extremely crucial for lawn health and thickness. As rotary lawnmowers and all those reel lawn mower comes with blunt and poor performing blades leading to tearing of vital fluids from the grass and providing sanctuary for development of different types of diseases, weeds growths and insect attacks. So this Great State reel lawnmower comes with features to trim the grass, cutting each blade of grass like a sharp pair of scissors. It is the perfect mowing, there is no tearing. The precise and clean mowing makes your grass healthier, greener and thicker.

Long Lasting and Low Maintenance

It makes the mowing process simple and hassle free. You are 100% free from the issues associated with rotary lawn mowers such as;

  • Just needs a push to start
  • No cord pulling
  • No key to remember
  • Less maintenance as there is no engine
  • No gas, oil , battery charging is needed
  • No emission of toxics in environment
  • Noise free mowing

Easy To Use and Easy To Store

It comes with compact and lightweight design; easy to push and easy to store, park it in your garage or hang it on the wall.