Best Reel Mower For Tall Grass

For professional lawn mowing experience you need a quality lawnmower. There are different types of lawn mowing machines such as gas powered, electric, walk behind, riding lawnmower and zero turn mowers. Selecting a quality and best grass trimming system is something confusing when you have lot of choices.

But considering some of the needs of your lawn make the selection process easy. If you have medium to large size lawn then walk behind lawnmower is not a best choice. In this scenario you need a riding lawn mower. The riding lawn mowers are further divided into two basic types; lawn tractor and zero turn mower. As the name suggests the zero turn lawnmowers are especially designed and engineered for dealing with tricky angles and curves.

So if you have medium to large size lawn with tricky angles then zero turn lawnmower is ideal choice. In this article best reel mower for tall grass we will chose the machines especially best for working in this specific scenario.

Regularly lawn mowing is one of the important things your lawn needs for sustaining its thicker, healthier and greener look. If you postpone this lawn necessity repeatedly then you are just destroying the health of your lawn. If your lawn comes with tall grass and you are looking for a quality mowing machines for keeping it in good shape then the following reel mowers are the best machines to serve in this specific scenario.

Best Reel Mower For Tall Grass

In this review we just introduce you with one of the best reel lawnmower for mowing tall grass. Like other reviews where 10 different options are discussed, some of which in most cases is very poor quality. So in this review we limited our review to one premium and topnotch toolfor this specific lawn needs.

How We Picked This Lawn Mower

After doing a ton of research on exploring quite a few mowers, reading lots of current users’ reviews and finally we succeeded in our effort to find a quality lawn mower specifically engineered for this lawn type. If you are looking for a lawnmower comes with impressive working features enabling to handle all types of grasses and lawn conditions then Fiskars 362050-1001 StaySharp Max Reel Mower is the ultimate choice. Let’s explore features, pros and cons of this trusted lawn mower and how it is the best choice to mow tall grasses.

Fiskars 362050-1001 StaySharp Max Reel Mower, 18 Inch, Black

The discrete feature that gives this Fiskars lawnmower an extra edge is its reliable and working grass height setting adjustment; you can set the grass height in range of up-to 4 inches. In market you will find majority of reel mowers that allow cutting height adjustment up to 3 inches. Theoretically one inch extra cutting height adjustment is no remarkable thing but when you mow tall grasses more than 4 inch you will find this one inch difference extremely useful.

Fiskars Lawn Mowers: StaySharp Max Reel Push Lawn Mower, Eco friendly, 18” Cut Width (362050-1001)
Fiskars Lawn Mowers: StaySharp Max Reel Push Lawn Mower, Eco friendly, 18” Cut Width (362050-1001)

Tall grasses mowing process is very dependent on the height adjustment caliber of lawnmower so this machine is highly generous in this regard, making the mowing process smooth, easy and customizable.

Another great feature makes this lawn an ideal choice for tall grasses is Inertia Drive technology.

Environment-Friendly Lawn Mowing Experience

Reel mowers eliminate health hazardous issues such noise, air pollution because of emission of toxic gasses in environment. This Fiskars lawnmower is extremely quite when compared to competing gas powered lawn mowers. Your neighbors’ lives are not affected because of its noise and pollution free mowing process. This lawn machine is not dependent on gasoline, electricity or grass so you can save substantial amount of money by avoiding spending on these things. Not only you reducing the strain on your budget but it also make sure clean and healthy cuts plus it is nearly silent.

Easy To Push and Maneuver: 60% More User Friendly

The Fiskars Stay Sharp Max allows its 60% more hassle free pushing and maneuvering when compared to competing reel lawn mowers. Majority of reel mowers are not easy to push require lot of effort for enabling these machines to give a clean cut. This reel mower is equipped with reliable chain drive design, ensuring smooth mowing without hard pushing. Another life easing feature you will find in this great machine is its heavier no-contact blades system. This no-contact blades system results in improved inertia reducing friction substantially the ultimate result of which is smooth and effortless maneuvering. So all these life easing features make this lawn mower an ideal choice as far as hassle free maneuvering is concerned. The overall result of the excellent manufacturing and engineering is that your lawnmower needs 60% less power to maneuver it.

Premium Cutting Power

The robust construction formula this lawnmower comes with make it a perfect cutting tool for all grass types irrespective of their toughness so you will find it an excellent mowing machine for grass varieties such as BermudaZoysia, Bahia and St. Augustine. This premium quality reel mower is equipped with patented technological feature named InertiaDrive. The InertiaDrive system ensures a harmonious combination of large diameter cutting with its thicker blade system enabling it to deliver 2X more grass mowing power when compared to standard design lawnmowers. These cutting pro features make it for mowing all types of grass without considering their toughness.

Stay Sharp Robust Blade System

The mower blades stay sharp for longer period of time when compared to competing models so you can save substantial amount of time and money by avoiding frequent sharpening that is something normal with low quality reel mowers.

Better Edging

The mower comes with special system for dealing with tricky edges etc. The lawnmower inset wheels as well blades system makes sure extension across the full width of the mower so there are less chances of frustration when you are going to deal with tricky edges and missed foundations, fences and sidewalks.

The mower inset wheels and blades system that extends across the full width of the mower eliminating the frustration associated with tricky edges and missed strips next to fences, foundations and sidewalks.

Robust Cutting Deck

The mower is equipped with rust resistant, long lasting robust steel made cutting deck. The ample cutting path 18 inch makes possible to mow a big space in quick span of time, saving substantial amount of time and your physical energy.

Mow Your Lawn According To Your Specifications

You can give the shape to your lawn according to your overall lawn mowing plan. It offers the hassle free grass height cutting feature to set your lawn size in range of 1 to 4 inches height, no guesswork is required, mow your lawn with confidence and give it a fascinating professional look.


  • Because of its InertiaDrive System it is the smoothest machine to use for mowing, 60% easy to push and maneuver when compared to competing lawnmowers.
  • You will get hassle free lawn mowing and exceptional cutting results because of its patented InertiaDrive Technology.
  • Less frequent sharpening is needed because of its StaySharp blades system
  • Easy to give your lawn a professional highly customized look because of its 1 to 4 inch cutting height adjustment
  • Easy to use for lawn with complex areas and spots such tricky angles, fences, foundations etc.


  • Very expensive when compared to other models with price tags below 100 bucks
  • Not a lightweight mowing system so its maneuvering can create problem for people with some back issues


This lawnmower comes with all those features ensuring hassle free maneuvering and mowing of all types of lawn terrain and grass types. It comes with exclusive features that are not found in other reel mowers. Because of these advanced features you have to pay 70 to 80 bucks more when compared to even expensive lawn mower models. But the features you will get for material spending can transform your lawn mowing experience. This lawn mowing system is currently in use of good number of satisfied users so highly recommended!

Buying Guide For Reel Lawn Mower

There are number of key things you need to consider when you are equipping your lawn mowing arsenal with a quality mower that is capable of cutting thick and tall grass. The factor you need to consider include but not limited to such as durability of blade and cutting system, mowing height and the last but not the least the overall power of your mower. Lets’ explore these things in detail.

Mowing Height

If a lawn mower just offers one cutting height then it is something useless. The cutting height adjustment is extremely important for giving your lawn customized look. It is not necessary that the entire surface of your lawn might be plain. Some parts of your lawn need low cutting height and some high cutting height because of the surface issue. So your need to have this feature of cutting height adjustment in your lawn mowing machine for getting a highly customized mowing experience.

This is the reason most of the mowers mention the cutting height in their features and specifications. As already mentioned majority of reel mowers just offer cutting height up-to 3 inches so you need to search for a lawn mowing machine that offers cutting height option beyond this range. So it is highly important to look for this specification and feature before selecting a reel lawnmower for your taller and thicker lawn. The Fiskars is the best machine as far as cutting height adjustment is concerned because it offers this feature up-to 4 inches.

Durable Blades System

It is important point to consider that majority of reel mowers have the issue of blades slid right up against the cutting bar. The result of this poor blade system engineering is that your mower blades become dull very quickly. So if you are buying a new reel mower then it is highly important to check that there is hairline gap between the cutting bar and blades. If this gap doesn’t exist then your mower blades become blunt very quickly and have to spend more money on sharpening.

Blade durability is extremely important factor you need to keep in mind if you are mowing tall grass on regular basis. So you need a mower comes with robust blades with long lasting lifespan. This is the reason Fiskars reel mower comes with robust blades system with very slight gas between the cutting bar and blades.

The Mower Overall Power

It is also important that your lawn mower is easy to push and maneuver. If your lawnmower amplifies your force in some way then it means that your lawnmower will support you to mow tall grass in more efficient way. This is the reason Fiskars Max Reel mower comes with InertiaDrive;  can amplify your pushing force by 2x making it a best option for people who want to mow tall grass with manual reel mower.

Mowing Tips For Tall Grass With Reel Mower

You will find the following tips extremely important when you mow your tall lawn grass with reel mower.

Keep Your Mower Cutting Height As High As Possible

If your lawn grass is exceptional tall then it is highly important to keep your mower’s cutting height as high as possible. If you are using a reel mower for mowing tall grass then it is best practice to mow your lawn first with highest cutting height adjustment and then trim it at height you want for your lawn.

Avoid Mowing Wet Grass

If you mow a dry lawn it will save you substantial amount of effort and time. So allow your lawn to become dry before starting the mowing process.

Application of Manual Weed Wacker

You can ignore this step if your lawn is much higher than 4 to 6 inches. But a lawn taller than this range you can consider the application of manual weed Wacker before using the mower.

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