The shape and contour of the lawn is mainly determined by the aesthetic sense of the homeowner. People love to create an ambiance that is best for satisfying their sense of beauty. This is the reason that you will find different lawn designs. People who have big lawns try to add some beauty by creating some sort of hills. This beauty trick enhances the overall look of your lawn but when it comes to maintenance the things become more complex especially as far as mowing is concerned. Mowing of lawns with steep hills is not an easy job especially when you are trying to do this operation using your old traditional lawnmower. This is the reason people then try to find best lawn mower for steep banks.

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The mowers equipped with some additional features for handling steep banks apparently comes with same design and look as like the machines made for flat terrain. But the basic difference you will feel is its maneuvering and mowing ability in this difficult scenario. They are more powerful and equipped with features to easily handle slopes, incline and offer smooth maneuverability.

Besides the terrain and surface, another thing you need to consider before buying a quality lawn mowing machine for steep banks is the size of your yard. If you have small to medium size lawn then a quality walk behind lawn is the best option while for large size lawn you need riding lawnmower.

Top 3 Best Yard Mower for Steep Hills

Greenworks PRO 21-Inch 80V Cordless Lawn Mower, 4.0 AH Battery Included GLM801602

If you are looking for reliable and silent battery powered lawnmower then Greenworks Pro 80V 21-Inch Cordless Lawn Mower is the best option to consider. This features rich lawn mowing machine comes with all those features for hassle free lawn care and maintenance. In our top three products list it is the most powerful machine, very silent with minimal vibrations. You can use it on all types of terrain because of its powerful brushless motor provides the mowing and maneuvering system with same power as gas powered engine.

The mower comes with efficient energy system. So a battery of 4.0AH provides the mowing and maneuvering system with power to work for up-to 60 minutes. The fully charged 4.0 AH battery run time is 60 minutes ensures mowing of a big space without need to stop the mowing process for battery recharge in mid of operation.

The mower brushless motor is energy efficient. Brushless motors are mower powerful than brushed motors. It comes with more power, torque and extends the battery run time. Because of the energy efficiency of brushless motor it extends the battery runtime. So you can easily mow more space with same amount of battery charge. This efficient usage of battery materially curtails the wear and tear of different tools so leading to more useful life for important parts of your machine.

The brushless motor provides the mowing and maneuvering system with almost the same power as gas powered engine. So you enjoy both benefits of hassle free battery power system and powerful mowing of gas powered machine in same tool.

It is equipped with Smart-cut technology materially enhances the machine performance as well as extends battery runtime reducing the work load on it.

The mower is equipped with 21-inch cutting deck. The ample cutting deck size allows to mow a big space with low number of passes.

It offers all three grass clippings disposal options include;

  • Mulching
  • Side discharge
  • Bagging

The machine comes with robust construction and a product originated from a trusted brand, so there is less maintenance. It is environment friendly, zero toxic emissions.


  • Deck size: 21 inch
  • Power: 80 Volts
  • Product weight: 57 pounds
  • Product measurement: 60.5 length x 21.6 width x 36.5 height inches


  • Brushless motor
  • Long battery runtime
  • Relatively affordable
  • Robust design, needs less repair and maintenance
  • Vertical storage
  • Smooth operation and less noise


  • Battery and charger not included in this package ( they are sold separately)

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Honda HRX217K5VKA 187cc Gas 21 in. 4-in-1 Versamow System Lawn Mower with Clip Director and MicroCut Blades 660250

Greenworks PRO 21-Inch 80V Cordless Lawn Mower, Two 2.0AH Batteries Included GLM801601 Reviews

A product from a trusted brand offers exceptional powerful to make maneuvering and mowing of a steep hill with more control. It is self-propelled and equipped with a powerful engine supports hassle free maneuvering and mowing.

Easy to Start

It is a gas powered lawnmower but its starting is extremely easy when compared to traditional and small gas powered lawn mowers. The mower uses an automatic choke system making the startup a hassle free activity.

Revolutionary Versamow System ™

This Honda lawnmower offers revolutionary Versamow System ™. This mowing system supports 4-in-1 grass cutting and disposal dealing options;

  1. Bag the clippings
  2. Discharge the grass clippings
  3. Mulch the grass clippings
  4. Or even a combination of bagging and mulching ( a rare feature not found in competing models)

The fourth option mulching and bagging selection is not difficult. On your appliance slide the convenient Clip Director knob to select the function how much grass you want to be mulched or bagged, the system is smart enough to do the things according to specifications.

There is no need for expensive tools or attachment. You will find it extremely useful and versatile.

Rust-free, no-dent NeXite® mowing deck with lifetime warranty

The HRX’s 21″ deck is made of NeXite®. This high impact resistant material does not dent, rust, or corrode over time. So durable it comes with a lifetime warranty!

Honda MicroCut® Twin Blades: Superior Mulching and Bagging

This Honda Lawn mower is equipped with elite twin blade MicroCut System. It uses 4 cutting surfaces for grass cutting. The ultimate result is ultra-fine clippings serve exceptionally well the clippings as well bagging. So you need less work by reducing the bag emptying frequency.

7-Positions Cutting Height Adjustment ( 0.75 inch to 4 Inch)

You can easily customize the lawn mowing process according to your yard cutting height specifications.

Large 2.5 bushel capacity grass bag

The mower is accompanied by large capacity 2.5 bushel bag. It is easy to empty, saves your time and effort.


This Honda mower is protected with 5 years residential warranty.


  • Self-propelling
  • Impressive mulching
  • Mulching or bag or both without taking of the bag, a rare feature not found in competing models
  • Incomparable 5 years warranty


  • Not quiet
  • Heavy

Troy-Bilt TB330 163cc 21-inch 3-in-1 Rear Wheel Drive Self-Propelled Lawnmower

Troy-Bilt TB330 163cc 21-inch 3-in-1 Rear Wheel Drive Self-Propelled Lawnmower

Greenworks PRO 21-Inch 80V Cordless Lawn Mower, Two 2.0AH Batteries Included GLM801601 Reviews

Troy-Bilt has introduced some quality lawn mowing machines in the market especially best for steep hills. Troy-Bilt TB330 self-propelled lawnmower is one of the machine belonged to this brand that wouldn’t disappoint you.

The mower is equipped with powerful and dependable 163cc Briggs & Stratton Engine provides the maneuvering and mowing system with optimum amount of power for smooth and clog free grass trimming. The powerful engine supports hassle free start with no priming. You can use this lawn machine for all types of grasses even for the toughest varieties such Bermuda, Zoysia, Bahia and St. Augustine.

This rear wheel drive mower comes with a 21-inch TriAction complete cutting system: a rake bumper to lift grass upright, a specially designed blade for finer mulch, while a symmetrical deck for superior grass flow, eradicating patches or clumping in your lawn.

The mower is equipped with 21 inch cutting deck ensures fast completion of mowing job with low number of passes saving time as well as energy. The integrated deck wash supports hassle free cleanup.

The mower is equipped with single lever variable speed drive control with 4 top speed settings for exceptional customized control and comfort.

The mower is equipped with 3 in 1 discharge options include; mulching, bagging and side discharge. In this package you will get 1.9 bushel bag.

The mower offers single lever grass cutting height adjustment. The 6-positions grass height settings allow mowing your lawn in range of 1.25 inch to 3.75 inch for exceptional individualized lawn mowing experience.

The mower is equipped with adjustable and ergonomic handle, comes with convenient features making it best for people with different heights. The one problem associated with handle is that you have to remove the carriage bolts to fold the lawnmower.

The mower is equipped with 8 x 8 wheels make the maneuvering easy. The wheels are well constructed no need for frequent replacement.

This Troy-Bilt lawn mower is protected with generous 3 years warranty.


  • Fuel tank: 1.09 Quart
  • 9 standard bushel capacity
  • Mower’s weight: 39.4 pounds
  • Mower’s measurement; 38 length x 24 width x 17.5 height inches


  • Variable speed
  • Self-propelled lawnmower
  • Hassle free starting engine
  • Comfortable adjustable handle
  • Generous 3 years warranty


  • Some users find folding the handle difficult

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Do You Need A Special Lawnmower For Steep Banks?

Technically you can use any type of lawnmower for hilly terrain. But use of any type of lawnmower on hilly and steep banks is not safe. In market you can find lawn mower both in walk behind as well as tractor category equipped with special features for making the mowing process easy and safe.

So if you are buying a lawn mowing machine for your hilly yard we highly recommend to choose a machine comes with special features for dealing with this type of situation.

How to Buy the Best Lawn Mowers for Steep Banks

A hilly terrain takes the beauty of your lawn to next level but its maintenance is very difficult demands more effort from you and also requires a best lawn mower for mowing to make your lawn trimming experience safe and easy.

You can find different types of lawn mowing machines comes with features best for hilly terrain but you need to consider the following things when you are shopping to equip your lawn care and maintenance arsenal with a quality machine for this job.

Drive Mode of Your Mower

The first thing you need to consider is the driving mode of your machine when you are going to buy a quality lawnmower for steep hills. You will find three types of driving modes; rear wheel, front wheel and all-wheel drive.

Rear wheel drive

Rear wheel drive lawnmower is considered the best for dealing with hilly terrain because of its excellent traction which plays a vital role in case when you lose control over machine.

Another benefit of rear wheel drive is that you can easily bag the clipping because most of the weight of the machine is on the rear wheels.

The excellent traction of the rear wheel drive makes maneuvering and mowing in straight line easy so you can mow your lawn in more precise and unspoiled manner.

The rear wheel drive lawnmowers are not only considered best for hilly terrain but they are also found useful for unevenly shaped lawns.  Excellent


  • Perfect and superb traction
  • Best for uneven terrain also besides steep hills
  • Makes straight line mowing easy


  • These mower little bit difficult to maneuver when compared to other drive types

Front Wheel

Front wheel drive lawnmowers are considered the best for even terrain. In these mowing machines the drive wheels are located at front.

These lawnmowers are easier to maneuver however they are not the best for hilly terrain because the front wheels are not ground firmly that is required for mowing in this type of surface.


  • Exceptional maneuverability
  • Ideal for even and flat lawns


  • Not best for hilly terrain

All-Wheel Drive

These mowers provide power to both rear as well as front wheels. In these lawn mowing machines you will enjoy both the benefits of rear as well front wheel drive. As in these lawnmowers all the wheels on the ground so you will get excellent traction making the things perfect both for hilly as well as flat terrains.

As the mower power is evenly distributed among all the 4 wheels of the machine so your mower will operate in more balanced manner making the mowing easy even in tougher conditions.


  • Excellent traction
  • Good balance


  • Expensive when compared to front or rear wheel drive mowers
  • Offers limited maneuverability

Note: rear wheel drive lawnmower is the best option for hilly terrain.

  1. Deck Size

 The deck size is important to consider when you buy a lawnmower for hilly terrain because it determines its maneuverability.

If you are mowing a large size open lawn then deck size up-to 54 inches is best because it will make your mowing job easier, curtailing the number of passes materially enabling to finish the job in quick span of time.

But if you are dealing with narrow lawn then a mower with large deck size is not the best option. For narrows yards, a mower with shorter deck size is more appropriate for reasons it offers more control as well as support easy maneuverability.

For selecting a mower with suitable deck size for your lawn it is important to measure the size as well as shape of your hilly lawn and then select a mower according to this information about yard.

  1. Weight

If you dealing with hilly terrain then a lightweight lawnmower is the best option to considered. Heavy lawnmower is not best choice for steep hills because they are harder to handle and control. Furthermore they require more power to mow up and down the hill.

But the main problem with lightweight lawnmowers is that they are not as powerful as the heavyweight lawn mowers. Lightweight lawn mowing machines are not best for hilly terrains. So it is important to keep a balance between these two factors (weight and power) and choose a machine that is optimal.

So for best results always look for most powerful but light weight lawn mowing machine for steep hill.

  1. Ease of Use

Lawn mowing is not an easy job so you thoroughly research your new machine to choose one that will not make the things more difficult.  Buy a lawnmower that is easy to start and easy to maneuver.

Other things you look for in your new machine are hassle free assembly, its support for easy grass bagging, mulching and side discharge.

  1. Warranty

Buy a lawn mower that is protected with generous warranty package.

Safe Ways for Mowing on a Steep Hill

Mowing a hilly terrain is not easy and it can also threaten your safety. But taking the necessary steps and measures you can alleviate the associated risks.

Avoid Mowing Wet Grass

Although sometime you have compulsion to mow the wet grass due to time constraints but it is not a good and safe idea to do it when you are dealing with steep hills.

Wet grass mowing is also not good for health of your lawnmower besides your own safety. When you use your lawn mower for wet grass mowing the debris getting caught up and there is more clogging so there are greater chances of permanent damage occurring to your machine.

As far as your safety is concerned mowing of wet or damp grass increase the chances of slipping making the mowing process more dangerous especially in this difficult terrain situation.

So the good idea is to wait for grass become dry enough before starting the mowing operation, more care is needed in case the hilly terrain is also shaded.

High Mowing

To avoid scalping always set your lawn mower at maximum height. Scalping is common problem when you mow on a steep hill. It can severally damage your lawn. To prevent scalping it is recommended to set your lawnmower blade at maximum height.

Side to Side Mowing with Push Lawnmower

If you are using a push lawnmower for step hilly terrain then avoid up and down mowing because it is not the safe way and can significantly compromise your safety.

When you are using the push lawnmower machine upward and downward the following bad things can happen;

  • The mower can roll back down on
  • Or it can speed own

So the safest way to mow a steep hill while using a push lawnmower is side to side. Despite of side to side mowing there is a still a slim chance of your lawnmower tipping but it is unlikely to roll as far as it would when you mowing it up or rolling down as fast.

Mow Up and Down with Riding Lawnmowers

It is safer to mow your lawn up and down when using riding lawnmower instead of mowing side to side. The power, tire design and weight of the riding lawnmower make it difficult to flip when you are using the vehicle for mowing up and down the steep hill.