Lot of things involved for achieving thick, green and healthy lawns; they do not develop on their own. For your lawn you to reach their expected beauty as well as performance potential you need to supply it with nutrients not only in proper and balanced amount but also on precise timing schedule. So if you are a complete newbie in this field of lawn care and maintenance or an expert you need to choose a quality lawn fertilizer for your garden to make it green, thick and healthy.

Why lawns need fertilizer?

Like all living things your lawn plants and grasses also depend on some nutrients for sustaining their lives. Your lawn plants need three important nutrients in larger amount than other nutrients for their existence;

  • Nitrogen
  • Phosphorus
  • Potassium

Nitrogen plays a key role for keeping your lawn plants green, ensure leaf growth and a source for your plant overall vitality. Lawn grasses have more want for nitrogen when compare to other plants.

A healthy lawn have sufficient amount of phosphorus and potassium. Potassium and phosphorus are relatively immotile (immobile) so they stay there until they are used. On other hand nitrogen is comparative vey mobile and moves through soil with irrigation as well as rain. So on time to time your lawn need nitrogen requirements because of high use and mobility. Your lawn needs regular nitrogen supply for keeping your lawn green and healthy.

Another issue related to nitrogen deficiency is when your lawn soil pH is too low or too high. Because of too high or too low pH the grasses can’t absorb nitrogen or other nutrients from soil in efficient manner. The soil pH lowers down with regular irrigation and maintenance. So you need to do some soil testing for checking the pH and potassium and phosphorus levels. Tests also real nitrogen requirements as well as the lawn needs for lime.  In market their different readymade formulas available for restoring your lawn’s pH to healthy level.

When and How To Fertilize Your Lawn

It is highly important to know when to fertilizer your lawn. If you fertilize your garden on wrong time then either you will harm your lawn or may not receive the optimum benefits from fertilization. Your lawn receives the optimum benefits from fertilization when you do it on proper timing and follow the best practices. For example starter fertilizers are only recommended at time of starting of seeding process, sod or plugs.

Another example is crabgrass preventers; the good for getting optimum benefits from this fertilizer is to use them in early spring before crabgrass seed germination.

For weed and feed fertilizers the best time for them to do their job is when the weeds emerge from the soil and the grass and weeds are actively growing.

If you want to fertilize established lawns then then best timing is their most active growth periods. During this period of active growth they need more nutrients. For example for cool season grass types such as tall fescue and Kentucky bluegrass the best timing for fertilization is early fall and early spring. While for warm season grass types such Zoysia and Bermuda best practice is to feed your lawn with required fertilizer every four to eight weeks in their active growth period in summer. All grass types benefits from fertilization in final later summer or early fall at 6 6 weeks before first frost. This final fertilization serves the purpose of preparing your lawn for winter.

It is important to read the fertilizer label carefully. If you follow the best practices for fertilization then you will achieve optimum benefits from this process. Fertilization on proper time and proper amount is necessary to avoid mishaps such as fertilization burn.

Top 5 Best Fertilizer To Make Grass Green

We all have the dream of a house with a lush green grass with white picket fence. How to achieve this objective of lush green, thick and healthy lawn needs some hassles and investment. In your dreamed lawn you have no allowance for yellowed, dead or sparse grass. But lawns don’t have the caliber of achieving this fantastic look without investment.  It needs proper care and maintenance. Selection of a quality fertilizer is one of the ways to achieving this objective of healthy lawn. The following are best fertilizers for your lawn health.

Scott Green Max Fertilizer

If you are interested in giving your lawn a health and lush green look in quick span of time in easy way then Scott Green Max Fertilizer is the best product to consider. The fertilizer ensures to give your lawn a thick, green and health look after three days of application.

It comes with ample amount of iron, your lawn needs for sustaining a healthy and greener look. It also makes your lawn stronger and thicker beside gives it a lush green look. The fertilizer is excellent for promoting your lawn growth while at same time serves the purpose of eliminating the weeds.

Another benefit of this fertilizer is that it is best for busy folks who can’t give sufficient amount of regular timing to their lawn. It just need application after every 6 to 8 weeks, so a great problem solver for busy people.

Miracle-Gro Lawn Food

This is another quality fertilizer loved by majority of lawn owners. You will find it extremely easy to use. The effects of it are long lasting.  The formula comes with precise amount of nutrients ensuring healthy effects on your lawn.

Another life easing thing you will find in this package is the free dispenser. The dispenser allows the user to evenly spread the fertilizer across the whole yard. The fertilizer is very affordable and best option for people with limited budget.

Too much anything is not good, so avoid over application of this product. Read the instruction carefully on your product label before starting the application. Further the product is accompanied by dispenser that makes proper, precise and even application very easy.

Scotts 22315 Turf Builder Lawn Food 

This Scotts phosphorus free fertilizer is affordable for people with limited budget. It is phosphorus free. It supports building of stronger and deeper roots. The deeper roots system development makes possible for the lawn to survive in droughts or in periods where you provide your lawn with limited water.

This lawn fertilizer is suitable for all grass varieties ensuring a healthy lawn without too much hassle.